It Is in Your Child’s Best Interests to Settle Custody!

It Is in Your Child’s Best Interests to Settle Custody! by Joshua Katz

{2:15 minutes to read} Parents who are battling for custody in a divorce proceeding need to focus on their children’s interests—and settle

Parents know their children better than anyone else in the world. And so, it is important that both parents work together to craft a custody arrangement that is best for their child. And settle! 

A stranger dressed in a black robe (the judge) will not, by comparison, know what is best. If your current attorney is not guiding you to settle, then you should consider working with a new attorney.

Children’s Best Interests 

In the majority of families, children need liberal amounts of time with both parents. It is essential to establish routines and consistent discipline in both households. For most children, regular access to the noncustodial parent should be encouraged—often including school nights.

Surely, there are instances where custody should be litigated—generally when one parent has legitimate concerns about the other spouse’s ability to parent. For example, litigation may be appropriate if one parent is:

  • Mentally unstable,
  • A substance abuser, or
  • Violent towards the child.

In the aforementioned circumstances, it is important to litigate and fight over custody and restrict parenting time for the controversial spouse for the protection of the child.  

However, in the vast majority of cases, settling a custody plan is the best course of action. It is never good for your daughter to fight in court over how many hours dad gets to spend with her, or to waste her college savings on legal fees to dispute pick-up or drop-off times. Settle!

Don’t leave your custody plan to chance! If you want to ensure that your child’s best interests are preserved in a custody arrangement, please contact us to discuss your specific questions and concerns.

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