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How to Capture the Attention of a Prospect…Long Before They Seek out Your Services? Start an Advice Column!

{3:10 minutes to read} An advice column opens a dialog with potential clients who are seeking “help” and who might not yet know that your service could be their best option.

An advice column presents a real opportunity to broaden your audience. It is a totally separate engagement from what your blog posts provide. An advice column allows you to provide a valuable resource for and open dialog with people who have questions and concerns that are related to the service that you provide. This engagement occurs much sooner than waiting for them to get information elsewhere, which will rarely lead them to your doorstep.

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LinkedIn Publisher (Pulse) Article Posting: Pros & Cons

{3:45 minutes to read} Breaking from tradition, we have been experimenting with sharing our client’s LinkedIn publisher or “Pulse articles” to their LinkedIn groups in lieu of sharing the external article.

We are still doing blog articles for nearly all clients. We publish their blog posts’ excerpts and titles, then include links to the blog posts in their LinkedIn group discussion threads.

Over the past year, we have encountered issues with LinkedIn’s moderation. There were also algorithm issues with LinkedIn’s procedure for pre-filtering out what they consider spamming in discussion threads. The argument could be made that posting an article link and excerpt is not an actual discussion. We disagree. Yet, it goes without saying that LinkedIn would prefer to have the viewers of these articles remain on LinkedIn.com

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