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Lead Magnets & Ethical Bribes: Are You Using Them in Your Marketing Efforts?

{3:50 minutes to read} An ethical bribe/lead magnet is a resource that is offered on your website for free—valuable enough to the reader that they are willing to give their email address to get it.

That being said, why would you use such a tactic?

Well, if you’ve done word-of-mouth marketing online to gain a visitor to your website or blog, what’s the next step? You always want to have a call-to-action. In many cases, people are not ready to make a decision on your services right away. So you want to have the opportunity to stay in touch with them (with their permission) and reinforce your potential value to them & your status as a Branded Expert™.

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2 More Points for Bulleting Your Blog… Part 2

In my last post I described the first 2 steps to making the most out of the phoneBlogger.net process, some best practices for organizing your thoughts & some tips about what your posts should look like. This time I’d like to focus on the power of personality, stories and anecdotes in the blogging process, as well as how you can get your readers to do things with the proper call to action.

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