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Why Online-Only Marketing is Not Enough for Professional Services

{2:35 minutes to read} Blogging, newsletters, and social media engagement are a critical part of building your Branded Expert status. These tools can do wonders to help expand your reach and keep you on the radar screens of those that are already familiar with you, as well as past and potential new clients. Continue reading

Professional Online Networking Beyond Pop Social Media

{4:00 minutes to read} What do you think about when you hear the term “social media”? The field of online networking goes beyond what we traditionally think of as social media, which puts the emphasis on the social, on the fun & on the non-professional aspects of our life. But there’s a very healthy & growing world of professional online networking.

Most of these professional networks thrive on quick status updates that resemble tweets, a knowledge base for the public, and peer relations. That’s really where blogging can see its biggest impact. Beyond search engine results, blogging has its greatest impact through word-of-mouth marketing, or what I call word-of-Mouse marketing.

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I’m Not Going to Sit Next to You & Other Networking Tips

When you go to a conference or a networking event, do you find yourself congregating with your partners, colleagues, associates & friends? Stop… and get to work.

I was just at the Michigan State Bar Association annual conference: I am on the team helping to onboard their members onto their new lawyer portal, like its own LinkedIn for Lawyers. It’s being powered by ZeekBeek.com. As I walked into one of the luncheons with the CEO of ZeekBeek, I turned to him and said, “Sorry, I’m not going to sit next to you.”

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