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Jewish Custody Determinations by the Secular Court

Jewish Custody Determinations by the Secular Court by Joshua Katz

{8:00 minutes to read} “When a person has a judgment adjudicated by gentile judges and their courts, he is considered a wicked person.” Rambam, Hilchos Sanhedrin, 26,7.

As a custody litigator, my cases invariably involve litigants whose emotions run high while they battle over who is the most appropriate parent. An extra layer of complication comes into play when the secular courts are confronted with issues of religious observance as they affect the best interests and moral wellbeing of children. While the secular courts cannot make rulings based upon their interpretation of religious dogma, the courts are invariably faced with situations where they must assess the religious practices of the parties in reaching a decision as to issues of custody and parenting rights.

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