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Gratitude & Pride: Reflections on My Career Choice

Gratitude & Pride: Reflections on My Career Choice by Joshua Katz

{4:30 minutes to read} March 25, 2016, was a typical, average day, but it was significant for me. It was one of those rare days that confirmed that I love what I do.

I was in court handling three (3) cases where the court had to determine the best interests of three (3) very distinct children. Despite the very challenging and heart-rending circumstances to which I am privy on a daily basis, I am proud when my job makes a difference in the world — as a child advocate.

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True or False: Don’t Move out until AFTER the Divorce

True or False: Don’t Move Out Until AFTER the Divorce by Joshua Katz

{3:01 minutes to read} Call a truce or move to the couch in the den.

Do whatever you have to do to make it work, but do not move out of the house until you speak with a lawyer. Vacating the marital home and leaving the children with your spouse could adversely affect your parenting rights.

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Who Gets the Kids This Holiday?

Who Gets the Kids this Holiday? by Joshua Katz

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When putting together a parenting plan, attorneys should be aware of all religious holidays, as well as civil holidays, that are important to the client. It goes without saying that children are to be with their mothers for Mother’s Day and their fathers for Father’s Day. But what about the rest of the holidays?

I can’t tell you how many clients I was dealing with on an emergency basis the week before Mother’s Day this year, because the clients couldn’t work out arrangements without help from counsel.

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